FA Cup Final to use beach ball

Skinner and Baddiel’s seminal track may need a change of lyrics if The FA has it’s way.

It’s coming home, it’s coming home, beachball’s coming home

The new FA Chief Executive, Mark Ballingham has plans to pilot using a beachball for the FA Cup final in May.

It’s been a horrible year, we need a bit of a laugh
Mark Ballingham

Mr Ballingham is said to have been inspired by Darren Bant’s goal against Liverpool all those years ago …

The founder of is considering adopting the same for his 7s game on a Thursday nights.

I’m love playing, but I’m a terrible footballer. Having a ball twice the size would help me immensely.

Founder of getting 10 people to same place, at the same time every week shouldn’t be this hard!

Take care.
Team TP.

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