All you need to know about Seasons

UPDATED 24-Feb-17
This article has been updated to reflect enhancements to the seasons feature released this weekend.

We recently started capturing the results of your matches. I hope you’ve been adding them as you’re now going to find out why :smile:.

Seasons is a simple concept which follows the notion of a domestic football league.

Team Statistics

Team statistics

Here we can see:

  1. Which team is currently winning the season overall (most points).
  2. Graph showing number of goals scored by each team (per match).
  3. Top scorers for the season.
  4. Results of each match during the season, plus who was voted Man of the Match that game.

Particularly useful if you use the same sides each week, you can see how they marry up over time.

Player Statistics

You can also see how you performed over the season. It’s like your own Opta Sports statistician! *

Player statistics

As you can see, there’s a lot of information here!

  1. Are you in line for the Most Valuable Player award?
  2. Your form at a glance, how many did you win, lose or draw.
  3. How many times you appeared on each team.
  4. Your ratings, as voted by your team mates.
  5. Your match by match breakdown of your performance, including:
    • Team you played on.
    • How many goals you scored.
    • Points awarded for the match.
  6. Breakdown of your match points.
  7. View stats from previous seasons.
    • toepoke stores the last 3 months of data. Therefore, the number of past seasons you can see is determined by the size of your season.
  8. Your badges; a red [star] badge badge shows you won Man of the Match for that game, an amber [star] badge badge shows you were voted, but didn’t win.
  9. Proud of your performance? Share on twitter, facebook and google+.

How points are calculated

For team points it’s simply 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw and no points for a loss.

There are a variety of points available for individuals.

Stat Points Description
Attendance 2 You get 2 points just for turning up as promised!
Goals 1 1 point for each goal you scored.
Note: Managers can change your goal score if you decide to add another 20 :wink:.
MOTM 1 1 point for being awarded Man of the Match.
Win 3 If your team wins, you get 3 points - just like in association football.
Draw 1 1 point if the result is a draw.
Loss 0 zero points are awarded if your team losses.
Voting bonus 1 You get an extra bonus point for adding ratings and voting for the Man of the Match after each game.

Season size

By default seasons are 10 matches long (so this may be 10 weeks if you play every week, or 20 weeks if you play every fortnight).

Season size template option

Seasons can be 5, 10 or 15 matches long, depending on the preference of you and your squad.

Don’t like the seasons feature? That’s fine, just select No Seasons instead.

All this can be changed from your squad dashboard (my squads => squad template).


Find someone is making up how many goals they’ve scored? Managers can review and change the goals scored by players on their stats screen.

Signing off …

Hope you find the new seasons feature brings out the banter in your matches a little more. How are you finding it?

And remember, you can also suggest improvements.

Until next time!
Team TP.

OK, not quite, but you can see the analogy :grin:

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